Awning Repair in Thousand Oaks

Don’t Replace Your Awnings—Repair Them!

If one or more of your awnings are ripped, torn, or not working correctly, save money by having them repaired! Our Thousand Oaks awning team can determine whether it would be cheaper for you to have your damaged awning(s) repaired or replaced, and if repairs would be more cost-effective, we can restore their functionality as quickly as possible. Our repair professionals have more than 36 years of experience and can repair nearly any type and brand of awning.

Our awning repair services include:

  • Repairing retractable awnings
  • Replacing ripped/torn awning material
  • Repairing/replacing stationary awning parts

If your awnings are too damaged to be repaired, we offer a variety of new awning types at competitive prices. To obtain a complimentary repair or replacement estimate, call (818) 597-9705 and speak with one of our team members today. We look forward to restoring your awnings!

We’ve Got You Covered

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  • 36 Years of Experience
  • Competitive Price Matching